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PAG Marketing offers a variety of services that address the marketing needs of our clients. Each client receives a custom combination of these services, based on their specific situation. Our services include, but are not limited to:

Developing a Marketing Plan

  • Creation of a clear, concise marketing plan after proper evaluation of business needs
  • Develop campaigns that include a call to action, evoke word of mouth, and build your brand image
  • Assistance in managing the marketing budget
  • Consistent follow-up ensuring the plan is meeting expectations, then analyzing the results

Creative Ideas

  • Analyze business needs to develop the most creative solutions to address those needs
  • Think outside the box to create campaigns that will make your business stand out among competitors
  • Create the most effective media mix based on the decided plan and available budget
  • Ad design, script writing, assistance in commercial production

Media Placement

  • Research into all available media outlets to advertise your business including TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor, Interactive, etc.
  • Save you time by working with each individual rep to put together the most effective plan with their media
  • Make sure orders are properly placed and executed
  • Review all invoices to ensure order was delivered

Social Media / Interactive

  • Evaluate which social media platforms will best serve your business
  • ISet up of a wide range of social media accounts
  • Consistent management of any social media accounts to fully utilize the benefits
  • We have a full range of interactive products to effectively market your business in the online and mobile world